Water Damage

CCC Restoration's water damage Restoration Technicians are trained in Mold Prevention and are ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to mitigate commercial and residential water restoration emergencies. Our trucks are outfitted with the industrial extraction and drying equipment that are necessary to handle all categories of water damage ranging from clean water to sewer backup. CCC Restoration can also provide large desiccant dehumidification equipment necessary to dry schools, churches, and high-rises. When called to the scene for a water damage restoration project  within 24 hours of the loss, CCC Restoration typically has the Property Owner "back in business" within a few days. We serve the greater Chicago suburban area, and regardless of the severity of the problem, our water damage restoration specialists can help you with services ranging from removing the unwanted water and sanitizing the affected areas to restoring your building to "pre-loss" condition - or better.


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